ELI AESTHETICS SPA - perfect harmony!

The cult of health and beauty has a lasting importance for centuries, people aspire to the perfect harmony of body and spirit since ancient times. Oscar Wilde said: "The secret of life is a quest for beauty." Source of real beauty is in the relation of every person to themselves, in their will to maintain the health, appearance and spirit in perfect balance.

During the past years, we continuously strive to offer SPA services and products of high quality and professionalism and to develope our business forward and upward, selecting innovative and effective new technologies in the field of health and beauty. Constancy and loyalty of our club members give us the conviction that we have not only won, but also have kept your confidence during all these years. That is why, remaining faithful to the tendency of development, we are looking for a new dimension of our care of your tonus and well-being, and we are proud to present you the "hot" news that await you in the new saloon "ELI AESTHETICS SPA".


Д-р Албена Чолакова

Dr. Albena Cholakova

For aesthetic procedures



  • ULTHERAPY® - ULTHERA SYSTEM, USA – the world's only patented technology for non-invasive, but in the same time radical deep tissue lifting of whole face and neck with micro-focused ultrasound approved by the most rigorous supervisory authority in the field of Health - US agency FDA. «see more»
  • EXIMIA, ITALY - exclusive Italian patent for correction the contours of body and face. It is a worthy alternative to surgical liposuction and a unique combination of two effective technologies: four-phase vacuum massage (endolifting) and cavitational ultraporation. «see more»
  • MULTIWELL EFFIDRAIN, FRANCE – pressotherapy (mechanical lymphatic drainage) equipment of latest generation with VODDER compression technology and clinically proven efficiency of programs for detox, weight loss, reduction of swelling, prevention of varicose, stimulating blood flow, improving skin`s elasticity and tissue respiration. «see more»

  • REGEN TriPollar™, ISRAEL – repeatedly surpassing older mono- and bi-polar RF-devices, this high-tech aesthetic platform works with patented third generation RF technology TriPollar ™ and it is clinically proven solution for immediate, painless and effective results in facial contouring, regeneration and skin tightening of the face, neck, arms, abdomen, body sculpting, cellulite and fat deposits reduction. «see more»